What advice would you give to someone prior to treatment?


I would suggest that you do a huge amount of research on the practitioner, making sure that they are medically trained and do the research on the products that they use

Advice on what you should before your first dermal filler treatment.

There are lot's of things that you can do to prepare for your first consultation or dermal filler treatment. Doing your own research on the clinic or practitioner that you are planning to visit is key - you can do this simply by visiting their website or social media account, as well as using tools such as our clinic finder, which lists licensed, experienced and qualified practitioners in your area.

Also do your research on the products that your practitioner will be using and make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in the product itself. Speak to anyone you know that has had treatments themselves or you can simply watch the video above that gives some advice from both practitioners and real life patients that have been treated in the past.

Which Teoxane dermal filler is right for you?

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