Can men have dermal filler treatments?

Men can certainly have dermal filler treatments as well, and a lot already do - more than you might think!

It's all about going to see someone who can assess your face appropriately, looking at what you're trying to achieve and forming a treatment plan around your desired results. Practitioners can use products like Teoxane’s RHA® 4 and Ultra Deep, and can layer them across the jawline to achieve that definition, and sharpness that some men want to achieve, in an effective treatment. Dermal fillers can also be used to deliver results that can help men to look more healthy, rejuvenated, refreshed, less tired. Always speak to your practitioner about the outcome you wish to achieve.

Can Men Have DF BD
We can do various things in a male face, whether that's making them look more masculine or just more healthy and less tired

Dr Benji Dhillon explains that absolutely yes! Men can have dermal fillers treatments, and there are plenty of ways to treat to male face

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