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Swiss Origin

We are a Swiss beauty and aesthetics company established in 2003. We produce high-quality patented skin care and dermal filler products.

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Natural innovation

Teoxane began in 2003 as a medical company with the pursuit of scientific innovation at its heart. Combined with a strong culture of excellence, we are proud to have established a proven track record of next-generation hyaluronic acid filler solutions. Through the means of rigorous research and development, these solutions have played a key role in the advancement of facial aesthetics, delivering products that truly expand treatment possibilities for sharpening contours, enhancing and softening ageing around areas around the face, such as the eyes, lips and face, helping them appear younger, healthier and more natural.


Science meets beauty

Teoxane are focused on creating fillers that celebrate natural beauty without restricting facial movements or changing the features that make you unique. That’s why we develop products that closely resemble the hyaluronic acid that’s naturally produced by your skin. This helps preserve your expressions, and promotes maximum movements in dynamic and mobile areas of your face, like your lips, cheeks and skin.

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More than skin deep

At Teoxane, we believe that beauty is unique. Your identity is yours, and only yours. Which is why we don’t just make a “one size fits all” filler – we create lots of products for lots of different people, and let your beauty ideals determine what’s right for you. We also educate healthcare practitioners on the optimum TEOXANE products for specific needs. We actively turn our back on the notion that you should pursue a specific shape or outcome that is “in demand”. Instead, we focus on enriching your unique features and expressions, and creating natural, products that bring out the best you.

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