Resilient hyaluronic acid

What makes RHA® unique?

The Teosyal RHA® range of dermal fillers are uniquely manufactured to recoil and spring back to their original shape when subject to facial dynamics or compressions. This sounds scientific, but this resilient behaviour provides a natural looking result, as the product is able to move and stretch as your face naturally moves and expresses.

HA dermal fillers are created by modifying and adding bonds to the chains hyaluronic acid, to enable the gels to create both lift and longevity. However, the more modification that is done, the smaller the HA chains become and this can result in a more stiff, rigid and inflexible gel that can give the appearance of unnatural looking aesthetic results.

RHA® technology uses minimal modification of the HA chains, which allows us to maintain the flexibility and adaptability of natural HA, whilst still having the ability to lift, volumize and retain longevity - this is the secret to creating natural-looking results!

Natural Hyaluronic Acid

Traditional Fillers


RHA® preserves the natural bonds and long chains of HA to create natural results, as well as create volume and longevity

Long-free moving, flexible HA chains

These long, flexible chains of hyaluronic acid allow for natural movement and integrates seamlessly into the natural tissue. This is the kind of HA found naturally in the skin

Natural and mobile bonds

Natural bonds connect the chains of hyaluronic acid found in the skin and allows for more flexible, natural movement

Covalent bonds

How does RHA® work?

TEOSYAL RHA® is the first hyaluronic acid filler specifically designed to respect facial dynamics, with a unique and innovative technology developed to mimic the natural hyaluronic acid within our skin. This technology is designed to allow our gels to work in synchronization with your facial expressions and provide a natural looking result, whilst remaining undetectable.

It's strong

The gel will resist against external and internal pressures. This means the product can offer optimal enhancement and volume where you need it, due to it’s unique properties.

It stretches

The gel has the ability to morph, stretch and reform to its initial shape. This allows the face to move and express in a natural and organic way, without restriction.

It adapts

RHA® dermal fillers have the ability to follow facial movements and seamlessly integrate into the layer of skin in which they are injected. Allowing continued precious expressiveness that makes you, you.

The RHA® Range

TEOXANE believe that when it comes to dermal filler treatments, one size, solution or product does not fit all needs. Everyone’s facial features and beauty ideals are unique, and this can be down to a number of factors such as your age, gender, ethnicity and genetics, all of which play a part in making you, you. That’s why TEOXANE have intentionally developed a range of injectable products that are designed to give you immediate and long-lasting results, that move and adapt with your natural facial expressions.


Formulated to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, RHA®1 offers natural-looking and discreet results thanks to it's effective combination of free HA(similar to that found naturally in our skin) as well as TEOXANE's patented RHA®


RHA®2 can be used to give natural and immediate results in areas such as the frown lines, that may develop as we age. RHA®2's versatile properties also mean it's perfectly formulated to use in the lips to give subtle volume and contouring


RHA®3 offers the perfect combination of full voluminous lips, that still look natural and move in a natural way. RHA®3 is also ideal to treat other areas such as nose to mouth lines and marionettes that develop as we age


With it's ability to stretch with the naturally with your expressions, whilst maintaining its structural qualities, RHA®4 offers soft, dynamic volume in areas such as the cheeks to contour, enhance and restore lost volume.

RHA Kiss®

The properties of RHA Kiss® make it the ideal dermal filler if you are looking for a very subtle lip enhancement. RHA Kiss® can be used not only to add delicate and understated volume but also redefine and refresh the lip border and shape

Real results

As well as the RHA® range, Teoxane have additional products within their portfolio for more specific treatments including skin redensification, improving the under-eye area and deep structural support - collectively we call our entire portfolio the "Expert Toolbox" and this allows our practitioners to be able to offer you a truly bespoke and tailored treatment outcome.

You can see some of these results below or view our full collection of real life results.

Alternatively, for more information on the entire Teoxane portfolio, you can go explore our full range of injectable dermal fillers, in our product range.



Hanka was treated with RHA®4 and PureSense® Ultra Deep in her chin and RHA® Kiss in her upper lip for soft volume and contour.



Valerie was treated with RHA®4 in her jawline and marionette lines, Ultra Deep in her jawline, RHA®3 in her nose to mouth lines and RHA® Kiss in her lips.



Celine was treated with PureSense® Ultra Deep and RHA®4 in her cheeks, as well as RHA®4 in her jawline and marionette lines.



Estelle was treated with Redensity2® in her under-eye area, PureSense® Ultra Deep and RHA®4 in her jawline, RHA®2 in her forehead and received a skin boosting treatment with Redensity1®.



Stephanie was treated with RHA®2 in her smile lines, Redensity2® in her under-eye, RHA®4 and PureSense® Ultra Deep in her cheeks and RHA®4 in her jawline and marionette lines.



Frederic was treated with Redensity®2 in his under-eye area, RHA®1 in his nose to mouth lines and smile lines, RHA®2 in his forehead and RHA®4 in his cheeks.

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