What are dermocosmetics?

Dermocosmetics are products that have both dermatological and therapeutic (medical or drug-like) effects and are intended to have a beneficial effect on skin health and beauty.

Like cosmetics, they are applied topically as creams or lotions but contain active ingredients that have a direct impact on skin cell function. The benefit of using a dermocosmetic product rather than a traditional “over the counter” skincare product, is that dermocosmetics are designed to target the live tissue, beneath the surface layer of dead skin cells, in order to effectively impact the skins function.

The Teoxane dermocosmetics range has an ideal formulation for those that have undergone aesthetic medical procedures and wish to continue their skin care with a targeted routine, designed specifically for them - however it is also perfectly suited to anyone looking to discover an expert skincare line, targeting dull, tired looking skin and the signs of ageing, inspired by aesthetic science.

You can find out more about skincare products available from Teoxane here

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