Will I still look like me?

This is a worry that a lot of people have when they first start thinking about having dermal filler treatments. Will it change how it look? Will I look like a different person? Will it make me look odd? And the answer to all of these is absolutely not!

Going to an experienced practitioner who uses a high quality and versatile range of dermal filler products, will only ever leave you looking refreshed, glowing and most importantly, confident. Practitioners don't want you leaving their clinic looking anything other than the best version of yourself, and subtle tweakments done in the right way, by the right person can be done in such a way that you are the only one who notices any difference - which is the only person who matters when it comes to how you look!

With an expert practitioner, and a sophisticated injectable product, you will just look like your very best you

Dr. Tracy Mountford answers the commonly asked question "If I have fillers will I still look like me?"

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