What advice would you give to someone prior to treatment?

I would suggest that you do a huge amount of research on the practitioner, making sure that they are medically trained and do the research on the products that they use

Advice on what you should before your first dermal filler treatment.

You should prepare for your first treatment to ensure that you are comfortable with what will happen before, during and after your treatment. Asking you practitioner things such as what downtime should you expect, will you be able to use numbing cream if you'd like, and if so how long before treatment should this be applied, and what steps should you take before your treatment to minimize any swelling/bruising etc.

Your practitioner will give you specific guidance on how they would like you to prepare, however some good general rules are:

Limit your alcohol consumption where possible and do not drink any alcohol at least 24 hours prior to your treatment

Avoid waxing, tweezing or using any hair removal treatments on the areas that will be injected 48 hours prior to your appointment

Avoid any strenuous exercise on the day of your treatment

Do not use retinol or glycolic acid based products 48 hours prior to your appointment

Always follow the advice of your practitioner on what to do before and after your aesthetic treatment.

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