Will my family and friends notice I've had filler?

When done well, and using the correct products, dermal filler treatments don't need to be obvious, unnatural or noticeable to anyone, other than you.

Choosing the right practitioner who uses products that are designed to integrate seamlessly into your tissue, is key to achieving natural-looking results, and the RHA® range from Teoxane has been specifically developed to do just this.

Quite often people will say that their friends and family commented on how refreshed and well rested they looked but couldn't quite put their finger on what it was that had changed, and that's exactly what you want from any kind of aesthetic tweakment! You can watch the video below for more real life testimonials from people who have had treatment before.

A couple of my friends noticed that I didn’t look as tired, I looked more refreshed and rested. They just kept saying “you look well, you look healthy"

An insight in to what to expect after your treatment.

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