Can I improve my skin quality with dermal fillers?

Yes, you absolutely can! Skin boosting treatments are designed to protect and prolong your skin's youthfulness, giving you that "glow up" that we all want.

Products such as Teoxane’s Redensity® 1 are designed specifically to restore and maintain your skin quality. Redensity® 1 is developed using free hyaluronic acid(the same as the kind we naturally produce), to give an immediate and natural glow to the skin. It is an injectable, skin redensification treatment that is perfect for revitalising and re-moisturising the skin, targeting skin concerns caused by things like sun damage, smoking, external pollutants and of course the signs of ageing.

The treatment is administered via micro-injections into the surface later of the skin and can be used in the face, neck and décolleté, and not only leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth, but also can help prevent the forming of new wrinkles - a double win!

You can find out more information on Teoxane's skin quality treatments on our product page

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