Can I get subtle results with lip filler?

Absolutely - by going to a reputable practitioner who uses the right products, you can achieve subtle, natural-looking lip enhancement and definition. Not everyone wants an obvious or particularly noticeable result when they get lip fillers, and the RHA® range from Teoxane is perfectly suited to achieve this.

These products are specifically designed to closely mimic the natural hyaluronic acid found in our skin, which means they are able to move and flex with your facial expression, giving the most natural appearance to your treatment. RHA®2 and RHA Kiss® are both part of the Teoxane Lip Unique Collection, and are ideally formulated to give soft, subtle results, without looking obvious unnatural.

You can take our short questionnaire to find out which products could be right for you and a practitioner in your area that offers that treatment!

If someone comes to me asking for a natural looking lip enhancement, then I will pick RHA®2, which can create an invisible lip liner and create a natural, heart-shaped lip

Dr. Bibi Ghalaie talks about natural looking lip enhancements, and the product she chooses for this.

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