Can you get natural results with cheek filler?

People often assume that cheek and lip fillers in particular, will look unnatural or “over filled”. When looking at these areas there are two important things that you have to take into account.

Firstly, make sure that you only visit a fully qualified and experienced practitioner, that is dedicated to achieving natural and subtle results. Discuss with them the outcome that you want from the treatment and get them to show you some examples of previous results they have achieved that align to your desired outcome. Your practitioner will asses your face in detail which will allow them to place the right amount of filler in the right place, giving you subtle and natural-looking results.

The second part to this is ensuring that your practitioner is using a product that is specifically designed to deliver what we call “dynamic results” – this simply means that when you move your face to smile, laugh or express, the filler integrates and flexes, ensuring the most natural-looking results – there’s no need for hamster cheeks! Teoxane’s RHA®4 is uniquely formulated to not only offer volume and projection, but unlike most volumizing filler gels, it can also stretch, flex and recoil back to it’s original shape when subject to facial expression.

You can find out more information on the Teoxane products that can be used to treat this area on our product page

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