What is the best product to use for lip fillers?

There are many dermal filler products available on the market that can be used to treat the lips, and depending on the result that you are wanting from your lip treatment will depend on the product you practitioner uses.

Teoxane is the only dermal filler brand that has five dedicated dermal fillers for treating the lips, meaning your practitioner can tailor your treatment plan based on the results you want, whether that is hydrating and refreshing the lip area, subtle and natural enhancement or more a noticeable and pronounced outcome. Our range includes the following:

RHA®1 – for hydrating, understated volume and softening the lines around the lip area

RHA Kiss® – for delicate volume and definition of the lips – perfect for a first-time lip treatment!

RHA®2 – for subtle and natural-looking volume and contour

RHA®3 – for a more visible lip, yet still natural-looking volumization

Puresense Kiss – offers our most full and pronounced lip volume and enhancement

You can find more information on the Teoxane Unique Lip Collection over on our product page

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