Can you treat the chin or jawline with fillers?

Jawline and chin treatments are actually commonly requested across men and women of all age groups. These areas can be treated to give a variety of different results, whether that be a sharper, more defined contour in the jawline, a more squared, masculine appearance or addressing the signs of ageing that can appear in the lower face.

Products like Teoxane’s RHA® 4 can add contour and definition for a sharper looking jawline, or it can also be used during the ageing process, to camouflage certain things like jowling and sagging.

The chin is often a forgotten or overlooked area when it comes to tweakments, but it is incredible to support the jawline and restore back a really strong profile for the face as well as adding balance and harmony with the rest of your facial features. Practitioners will often treat the chin at the same time as adding volume to lips, to create the perfect end result!

You can find out more information on Teoxane products for these areas on our product page

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