What will happen at my consultation?

Your first consultation will be an opportunity for both you and you practitioner to get to know one another and discuss your potential treatment journey and what results you may achieve. You should use this opportunity to ask as many questions as possible (see our “what questions should I ask at my consultation” for some suggestions!) and be prepared for your practitioner to ask you questions around your medical and aesthetic treatment history.

Your practitioner should answer any questions you have and should put you at ease and reassure you when you are formulating your treatment plan together. If you are both happy at the end of the consultation and wish to proceed, your practitioner will advise as to whether they can treat you then and there, and you can then make the decision as to whether this is what you’d like to do, or if you’d like more time to go away and think about it.

Your practitioner will put you at ease, relax you, talk to you about what you expect from your treatment and you can have a discussion about your desires and goals

Dr. Tracy Mountford reveals what to expect at your first consultation.

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