What questions should I ask at my consultation?

The questions that you ask are crucial to make sure you are comfortable with what you are going to do for the future

Dr. Tracy Mountford advises on questions to ask your practitioner.

Asking questions at your consultation is not only essential, but also encouraged! You should feel completely comfortable asking your practitioner questions around their experience and qualifications, what products they use in their clinic and why, examples of results they have achieved in the past and what support they offer even after you have received your treatment.

We like to think of the consultation as a bit like a first date - you need to get to know your practitioner and feel comfortable with them before you can make any decisions about whether you'd like to see them again! It may be helpful to do a bit of research before you consultation and write down any questions you may have, before your appointment so you are prepared when you go into the clinic for the first time.

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