What should I look for in a dermal filler product?

Part of the research you do before deciding whether or not dermal fillers are right for you, should include looking into the different types and brands of dermal fillers that are available and what you want to achieve from your treatment.

There are lots of filler brands on the market, and they all use different methods to manufacture their products, to be used for specific areas of the face and concerns (adding volume, softening lines and wrinkles etc.) Within the Teoxane portfolio of products, we have 9 products that are designed to give your practitioner the tools to treat your individual concerns with a filler that is tailored to you. For instance, the RHA® range has been formulated to be used in what we call "dynamic" areas - this just means the areas that move and flex with your natural facial expressions such as the lips and cheeks. Other products such as our Puresense® Ultra Deep is a thicker product that can be used in "static" areas, such as the cheek bones and chin.

We also have specific products with the Redensity® range that are formulated to treat the under-eye area(Redensity® 2) and our beauty booster for skin quality and texture(Redensity®1).

Speak to your practitioner about the products they will be using based on your needs and desired results. You can also watch our video below to find out what Dr Tracy Mountford looks for in a dermal filler product!

What I’m looking for is a range of products that we can actually use to our best advantage to optimise the outcome

Dr. Tracy Mountford reveals what she looks for in a dermal filler product.

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